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We're a micro hopyard in Edwardsville Illinois with about 200 plants on a quarter acre. We went from discussing our farming possibilities over breakfast on a Sunday morning to having all the infrastructure in place and every plant in the ground within the week.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. We'd love to hear from you.

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Our Varieties (from Wikipedia)


American aroma-type variety bred in 1974 and released in September 1990 by S.T. Kenny and C.E. Zimmermann, the breeders of this variety. Similar to Cascade and Chinook. The genetic composition is 3/4 Brewers Gold, 3/32 Fuggle, 1/6 East kent Golding, 1/32 Bavarian and 1/16 Unknown. One of the "Three Cs" along with Cascade and Columbus. Centennial is often referred to as a 'Super Cascade', since it has a strong citrus aroma.

Mount Hood

Soft American variety developed from Hallertau. Frequently used in styles that require only a subtle hop aroma (German/American lagers). Named for Mount Hood in Oregon. Substitutes: Liberty, Hallertau, Crystal.


Popular American development in 1976 of the English Fuggle. Named for the Willamette Valley, an important hop-growing area. It has a character similar to Fuggle, but is more fruity and has some floral notes. Used in British and American ales. A recent taste-test comparison between Ahtanum and Willamette has described some similarity between the varieties.